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Leaving the university institute with which he was previously affiliated was at first a daunting prospect, but Li Zhenjiang soon found that it was a smart choice. The advertising industry, ever–evolving in accordance with advancing technology and techniques, was what proved to be his professional breakthrough. After ten years of continual effort, he managed to expand AsianLustre beyond its roots as a simple translation and localization–based company to become a multi–dimensional advertising enterprise. Since then, a successful partnership with Allworld Exhibitions has been established, which offers yet more exciting opportunities for AsianLustre and its clientele.

Yang Jianbin

Multimedia production team leader


With more than ten years experience shooting news broadcasts for China Central Television News (CCTV News), Yang Jianbin has developed filming intuition and an ability to capture even fleeting moments or events, and expose the truth at the heart of the news. His honed technique and careful approach yields candid film that tells a story with every moment, earning him recognition and many awards, as well as allowing him to accumulate useful resources and connections to further develop his work.


European Market Supervisor

Gifted in languages and with specialist knowledge in international law, Olga joined the AsianLustre team to help us meet the demands of the resurgent Eastern European market. Proficient in multiple languages including French and English, she has an impressive capacity to handle business documents skillfully and accumulate much experience in very little time. Olga’s strong sense of responsibility and highly efficient work has earned her wide recognition and appreciation among clients.

Gina Gao

 Project Manager

Having spent many years working for Japanese companies, Gina Gao has been able to immerse herself in the distinctive Japanese customer service model admired across the world. Her central professional principle is to ensure quick response time and full consideration of customer demands. Efficient communication, project-management experience, and extensive knowledge of customer demands enable her to deliver excellence in all fields: be it design, video production, or localization solutions. Connecting with people is her personal and professional passion.

Dawoon Jung

Korean Division Team Leader

Stricter, mandatory import standards implemented across Korea through the Autonomy and Safety Confirmation Declaration (‘Declaration of Conformity’) of March 2013 meant expansion into the Korean market necessitated the formation of an informed and able Korean liaison team. With Jung directing things at the centre, the Korean team thoroughly and expertly handles all Korean-related translation and localization projects: ensuring your products smooth debut into the Korean market.

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