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Established in 2004, headquartered in Japan and later expanding into China through its Beijing branch, AsianLustre has been dedicated to realizing companies’ business aspirations on a global scale through localization and advertising services, and collaborative efforts with clients across six continents.

Since 2016, AsianLustre has also forged a working relationship with ALLWORLD EXHIBITION UK; gaining experience in exhibition service and events to further assist companies in showing their brand to the world. With a long history of working with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds, open-mindedness, innovation, and flexibility are our key principles. We are genuine business partners and passionate pioneers. Partnership with us offers more than just a paper contract; it is a continuous commitment to strive together for excellence and your satisfaction.

Company Profile

JAPAN Office

3D Asai Building, Hayato 1,Hiroji-cho,

Showa-ku, Nagoya City, AICHI

JAPAN 466-0834


Tel: +81-52-835-5550 
Fax: +81-528469

CHINA Office

16 Layers A1 seat No. 2 tower
Taisei International Center East Four Ring Middle Road No. 78
Chaoyang, BEIJING

CHINA 100022

Tel: +86-10-5962-6066

Fax: +86-1059626697 EX301

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