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Design & beyond.

Graphic design, websites, videos or exhibition stands – you name it; we deliver it – with high efficiency, quality layout, and innovative design.


We believe it’s important to understand and cater to the culture and values of a company; we’re eager to listen to your voice and provide a design service that will satisfy your company’s individual needs.

What we offer at AsianLustre is more than just design.


Graphic & Logo Design

Creativity, composition, color;

Company, brand, products – We bring artistic design and cutting-edge technology to your brand and concept, creating an iconic custom aesthetic.


A logo is the simplest and boldest representation of your brand.A successful logo design instantly communicates who you are and what you do, cutting the distance between company and client with a glance.


Logos worth a thousand words.

Design with more dimensions.

Every click on a smart phone, tablet, or PC could be your business chance.


In the digital era, a website can be the most efficient way to reach new and existing clients.


A beautifully designed and user-friendly website is the essential tool for turning clicks into new sales opportunities.


Web Design

Exhibition Design

You only have one shot to make an outstanding first impression to your clients.


Every company is a little distinctive, and no two products are the same – each has its own strong points or a Unique Selling Point.

From polished graphic design, to choosing the premium spot for your stand and careful installation: every step we take will make sure your first impression shines bright.


Be a stand-out brand around the world.


Turn clicks into sales.

Be a stand-out brand around the world.



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