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Areas of Expertise

Machine Industry, Healthcare Industry, Electric Power, Electricity, Travel and Tourism Industry, etc.

At AsianLustre, we offer our clients the quality translation and localization services essential to overcoming cultural and communication barriers, and successfully establishing a global brand. Equipped with our localization tools and expertise, we will ensure your product and services flourish across the globe.

Based on our principle of rigorous data management and security, we have formed a strong, diverse and experienced in-house management team and translation/DTP team. From esteemed faculty members of Chinese universities, to research labs keeping pace with the most advanced and up-to-date information; our broad spectrum of specialist knowledge and international resources are at your disposal, and can be tailored to your needs.

AsianLustre (Beijing) is a member of the China Association for Standardization.


Our translation services are available for almost all of
the main languages 
spoken across six continents. From everyday materials such as product catalogs and instruction manuals to a variety of business-specific materials like certificates and contracts.

Our many years of specialist experience and expertise will assure excellent results. Using translation support software tool Trados, we produce translations with consistent vocabulary usage and sentence structure; meaning superior quality without compromised clarity, for a reasonable price.

Services include:

•Software and app localization
•Website translation
•Document translation
•Multimedia translation
•Training and eLearning translation
•Marketing translation
•Localization consulting
•Global social media translation and curation
Our expert team will make every effort to assure your success in the global market.



At AsianLustre, we pride ourselves on providing clients accurate and professional interpretation services, to cultivate smooth cross-cultural communication you can trust. The best way to reach international customers and business partners is to speak in their native language, and our interpreters cut out any confusion along the way.


Whether it’s a phone call,  conference, our experienced interpreters make communication clear and easy.
We strive to supply excellent customer care. Those seeking professional support in putting their global strategy into action, or those simply wanting to know more about our tailored interpreter services, please feel free to contact us.face-to- face business meeting, or a corporate


Don’t let language barriers hold back your international success.



Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) specialists are able to work with multilingual operating platforms and any file format. Following our client’s briefs and feedback, our DTP specialists emphasize visual clarity, impact and appeal in every aspect of layout; balancing aesthetics and practicality for an attractive yet accessible design.


Working closely with our translation team, the DTP specialists can offer a customized design service that assures top quality results to meet competitive global standards. AsianLustre has forged many long-term business relations with print media businesses across the globe through its endeavors in DTP and design.

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