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video・ cg・ scrip translation


Our staff, with years of experience and knowledge in CG production, can provide you with an end product with yet more appeal and impact.

● Product/Company PR Videos

We create such PR videos as product sales promotional videos, introductory/explanatory videos for products to be included in events and/or exhibitions, and so on.


● Instructional Videos for Machines, etc.

Making possible both the visualization of parts of the work process that cannot be seen with the naked eye, as well as projections of operation methods and mechanisms in more detail than ever before.

Video Production​​

Videos are shot and created by our experienced and professional directors, designing each aspect to draw attention and impress audiences.

● Business-use Videos

We shoot such business videos as guidance videos for companies, facilities and equipment, tourist sites, etc.; sales tool videos; employee training tool videos; recruitment videos; homepage videos; and so on.


● Instructional Videos for the Operation of Machines, etc.

Effective as an educational tool for employees working at factories and other industrial workplaces, particularly those involved in manufacture.


●Video Editing

We are also happy to accept editing-only projects. We will ensure your prerecorded film is professionally finished, appropriate to the purpose, and appealing and clear in the eyes of your intended audience.


My Channel

My Channel


Script Translation​ & More

● Multi-lingual translations for Scenario Videos


We offer translation services for preprepared scenario videos into various languages, and smoothly integration of subtitles into the video.


● Narration Recording


We are also able to provide multi-lingual narration services; organizing each step from recording to editing, with native narrators available upon request –  be it Japanese, English (American or British), Chinese (simplified or traditional), Korean, or others.


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