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Source: Japan Pack's official website

Japan Pack is a biennial international packaging exhibition that showcases the latest products and technologies in the packaging and related industry. The event is organized by the Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association and is held in Tokyo. Japan Pack attracts a wide range of industry professionals, including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and researchers.

The event features a large exhibition area where exhibitors from around the world showcase their latest products and services. There are 12 exhibit categories in this event:

  1. Packaging Machinery, Packing Equipment

  2. Packaging Materials, Containers

  3. Printing Machinery, Related Equipment, Packaging Material Processing Machines

  4. Robots, Machine Component, Packaging-related Machines, Inspecting and Detecting Machines

  5. Food Processing Equipment, Related Equipment

  6. Pharmaceutical- and Cosmetic, Daily Necessities Manufacturing Machines, Related Equipment

  7. Ecology Related Equipment

  8. Sanitary Equipment, and Related Materials

  9. Logistics, and Related Equipment,Store Equipment

  10. Digital Solutions, Software

  11. Engineering, System

  12. Organization, Press, Research Institute, Educational Institute, Human Resource Support, Others

Source: Japan Pack's official website

At Japan Pack 2023, attendees can expect to see the latest advancements in packaging technology and learn about new trends and best practices in the industry. It is scheduled to take place from October 3 to 6, 2023, at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center. To download the event brochure or ask for more information, please use the Inquiry Form below. You can also access Japan Pack's official website on


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