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View from a previous editon of MOBAC SHOW

Photo source: MOBAC SHOW's official website

MOBAC SHOW is a prestigious international exhibition focused on the bakery and confectionery industries. It serves as a platform to showcase a diverse range of machinery, equipment, appliances, materials, sub-materials, and invaluable manufacturing technologies. The primary aim of MOBAC SHOW is to actively contribute to the growth and advancement of the food industry while fostering an enhanced food culture. This exhibition is a "must" for people related to the food industry.

Over time, MOBAC SHOW has evolved from its traditional focus on machinery to become a comprehensive specialty exhibition that encompasses a wide array of elements. In addition to food machinery, the show now extensively covers raw materials, sub-materials, new products, and valuable marketing information. This expansion has propelled MOBAC SHOW to receive high acclaim both within Japan and internationally, positioning it as a prominent business event where essential components such as machinery, equipment, tools, raw materials, and sub-materials for the bakery and confectionery industries are showcased in unison.

MOBAC SHOW takes place biennially, alternating between the vibrant cities of Osaka and Tokyo. The upcoming edition, MOBAC SHOW 2025, is scheduled to be held in Osaka. This eagerly anticipated event serves as a pivotal gathering for industry professionals, providing an exceptional platform to explore the latest innovations, trends, and networking opportunities in the bakery and confectionery sectors.

The date for MOBAC SHOW 2025 has been announced, which is February 18 to 21, 2025. Further information is to be announced by the organizer, and this page will be updated accordingly. In the meantime, please feel free to register your interest by using the Inquiry Form below and there are also a few temporary brochures that you can download.


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