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Japan Packaging & Manufacturing Technology Show 2025

Date      : October 7 (Tue) - 10 (Fri), 2025

Venue    : Tokyo Big Sight East Hall

Address : Ariake 3-10-1, Edo-ku, Tokyo

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Where the Packaging Industry meets
Sustainability and Market Expansion

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Exhibition Purposes

By exhibiting domestic and foreign machinery, materials, equipment, and services related to the packaging industry, we aim to promote trade growth and thereby contribute to the realization of a better society.

The significance of holding JAPAN PACK 2025 with an eye to the next 10 years, the next 20 years, and beyond:

In 2019, JAPAN PACK initiated a pivotal transformation, transitioning from a "Packaging Machinery Exhibition" to a more comprehensive "Packaging Industry Exhibition." This evolution aimed at fostering connections between production lines and various sectors, centered on the packaging field, to address a diverse range of challenges. The shift reflects our commitment to broadening the classification scope and embracing a more inclusive approach.

JAPAN PACK 2025 will accentuate Japan's brand packaging technology, positioning member companies at its core competency. Additionally, it will emphasize integration with DX/GX fields such as packaging materials, robots, AI/IoT, etc. The exhibition's key themes include "Automation and efficiency of production sites," "Responding to a sustainable society," "Achieving safety and security," and "Market expansion." We are committed to collaborating with related fields and industries to offer comprehensive solutions, enhancing the exhibition's strength.

Moreover, we will elevate the exhibition's content quality by engaging prominent international companies. By incorporating new players and embracing innovative ideas and technologies that shape the future of domestic and international industries, we aim to contribute to business creation.

In line with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, JAPAN PACK is poised to continually expand and transform into one of Asia's premier packaging industry exhibitions. Our objective is to contribute significantly to the growth of the packaging industry and related sectors, actively participating in and promoting sustainable development initiatives.

Exhibition Categories

  1. Packaging machinery, packing machinery

  2. Packaging materials, containers

  3. Printing machinery and related equipment;
    packaging processing machinery

  4. Robots, mechanical parts, element technology, packaging-related machinery, inspection machines, detection machines

  5. Food processing machinery and related equipment

  6. Pharmaceuticals; cosmetics; daily necessities manufacturing machinery; other related equipment

  7. Environmental protection machinery and related equipment

  8. Hygiene control equipment and materials

  9. Logistics machinery and related equipment;
    store equipment machinery

  10. Digital technology and software

  11. Engineering systems

  12. Organizations, press, research, educational institutions, human resources support, others


Visitor Profile

  • Manufacturing Industry
    Professionals in the fields of food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, etc.

  • Retail Distribution Industry
    Supermarket owners, business-people affiliated with trading companies, developers of e-commerce platforms, etc.


  • Others
    Experts/professionals from a diverse range or areas, governmental institutions, press/media, students, general public, etc.


Data on JAPAN PACK 2023 (held Oct. 3-6)

  • Exhibitors: 420 companies/organizations
      (51 among them were overseas institutions)

  • Exhibition area: 42,710 sqm

  • Visitors: 32,858 (1,465 were from overseas)


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Organizer: Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association
Overseas secretariat: AsianLustre Co., Ltd.

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