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Localization & Translation

Our Specialty Fields:

Industrial technology, medicine, finance, law,
electricity, IT, tourism, etc.

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AsianLustere has many years of experience as an expert in handling business documents such as product catalogs, instruction manuals, various contracts, and certificates.

We also provide translations for general documents. We have introduced the translation support tool SDL several years ago, and are able to efficiently create documents in various text formats with higher quality.

​We provide translations in major languages covering six continents around the world.


Our DTP (desktop publishing) team excels in supporting documents across diverse formats. To fulfill our customers' specific requests, we meticulously refine every aspect, encompassing layout design, text styling, and photo positioning. And thanks to the close collaboration with our translation team, we have built long-term relationships with companies, especially in the manufacturing industry, across prominent countries and regions worldwide. 

Software Proficiency:

  • Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • Adobe: Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, FrameMaker, Photoshop

  • Autodesk: AutoCAD

  • Web creation/editing: HTML

Our expertise extends beyond software proficiency; we bring a commitment to precision and aesthetic finesse to every project, ensuring your content not only communicates effectively but also captivates your audience visually. 

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Script Translation

We are skilled at translating video scripts into multiple languages and seamlessly incorporating subtitles into your videos. Moreover, our services extend to offering multilingual narration, delivered by native narrators. Our language expertise covers a wide spectrum, including Japanese, English (both American and British variants), Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, and more.


Let us enhance the global appeal of your content by ensuring it resonates fluently with diverse audiences around the world.

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